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For whom
PrimaTime® is addressed to all women whose wish to become pregnant is not fulfilled spontaneously within the first months.
PrimaTime® is also recommended to women under treatment of ovulation inductors as the test allows to measure the efficacy of the drug prescribed.
·      PrimaTime® shows the peak of the ovulation hormone LH which precedes the ovulation 24 to 36 hours.
·      PrimaTime® allows therefore to indicate the most fertile period of the woman: It is within 24 to 48 hours after the appearance of the peak.

·      PrimaTime® is therefore the only efficient way to make sure that the sexual intercourse is taking place in the most appropriate period.
·      PrimaTime® in combination with ovulation inductors shows high efficacy. In fact the ovulation inductors favour the maturation of ovary follicles, only PrimaTime® offers the possibility to detect the imminence of the ovulation.
·      PrimaTime® also allows to reveal a dysfunction of the hypophysis, when although used during 5 consecutive days, the test results remain negative.
Infertility concerns 27% of the women. Your problem can certainly be solved by first identifying your strongest fertile period.
This period lasts for only 2 days per month which imposes to make sure that the sexual intercourses take place at the right moment.
On the technical plan it is therefore necessary to measure the development of the secretion of the hormone LH (ovulation hormone), as its peak clearly states that ovulation will take place within 24 to 48 hours.
This is why we recommend to use PrimaTime® as it is the best mean to increase your chance to become pregnant.
For women using the temperature measurement method, the efficacy of PrimaTime® is much higher (97% instead of 16%).
·    Early, fast and clear results
·    Reliable as a laboratory test
·    Easy to use




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