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 PrimaCard® Pregnancy test




For whom
PrimaCard® is a test in form of card is very hygienic and is appropriate for all women who wish to make a pregnancy test as in a laboratory
and wish to preserve it.

For any woman who wishes to know if she is pregnant, as of the 25th day if her cycle is regular.

For any woman in case of interrupted intake of pill or after use of an emergency contraceptive.

For any woman having used PrimaTime® (ovulation test) in order to validate the result obtained.

Information on quality
PrimaCard® is one of the best performing tests on the market. Thanks to its exceptional sensitivity (20 mUI/ml), it indicates a pregnancy up to 3 days before the start of the next menstruation (if the cycle is regular).
PrimaCard® is 100% specific on the hCG hormone to indicate pregnancy and excludes all other hormones even close ones like LH.
PrimaCard® is presented in form of a card as used in the analytical laboratory. It is enough to deposit 5 to 6 drops of urine using the dropper in the test hole and the result appears as of the 2nd minute.
PrimaCard® is the optimum combination with PrimaTime® ovulation test.
The test shows a reliability over 99% and its quality is comparable with tests used in analytic laboratories.
PrimaCard® can be used at any time of the day. Nevertheless it is recommended to carry out the test with the first urine of the morning because it is the most concentrated in hCG hormone.
If the result is positive, quickly consult your doctor to discuss the steps to be taken.

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