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Test procedure PrimaCard®

Each box contains :

An aluminum foil pouch including :
- 1 test-card
- 1 dropper
- 1 desiccated bag
Instructions for use.

The test must be made at room temperature.

1) Collect a few milliliters of urine in a clean and appropriate container. It is preferable to do the test with the first morning urine because this generally contains the highest concentration of the hCG hormone. The urine may be refrigerated for 24 hours. In this case, you must wait 30 minutes in order to equilibrate it to room temperature before testing. Do not freeze the urine.

2) Remove the test device from its aluminum foil pouch and place it on a flat, steady surface.

3) Use the dropper to put 6 drops of urine in “S” hole, holding the dropper in an upright position. Ensure that you are not putting air bubbles instead of urine.


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