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Q: Should we follow any special diet before making the test?

A: No, alimentation (or food) has no influence on the result.

Q: Do alcohol, aspirin or any other medicines have any influence on the result ?

A: No, but some treatments made with hormones could interfere. In this case, ask for advice to your doctor.

Q: Can I use the test as a contraceptive ?

A: No, the test has not been made for this purpose. It has not to be used for.

Q: To day, the ”C” control band coloration is quite different than yesterday. Is it a problem or not ?

A: No, a variation of the “C” control test coloration has no influence on the result. Always compare the ”T” test band and the “C” control band coloration the day you are using the test.

Q: Can the result be read after 5 minutes ?

A: No, the result must be read at the 5th minute. A positive result will not change even after a few days. On the contrary, a negative result can become a positive result in case of the result’s reading comes more than 5 minutes after using the test.

Q: A pink-mauve streak appears during the test. Is it a problem or not ?

A: Each urine is different in its chemical composition; It is the same for humidity level of the place where you are making the test. Such conditions can entail a streak that will not change the final result. If the “C” control band appears within the first 5 minutes, it means that the test has been made correctly.

Q: Today, I have just obtained a positive result for the first time; which is the best moment to be pregnant ?

A: To increase your chances to be pregnant, we recommended having sexual intercourse during the day when the peak has appeared and the following day.